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[ Shenzhen International, Your Home Course ]

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As the official promotor of Shenzhen International 2016, HMG fully plans and operates the event. The original intention and commitment for Genzon Group the organizer of the event to introduce the event is to promote the development of golf sports in China, which is closely related with the mission of HMG. Reaching a sympathy, they will jointly promote the success of the event. Shenzhen International 2016 not only helps Chinese players to get ready for the Olympic Games, but also provides a broad practice platform for amateur players and young players who dream to be a professional golf player, and also offers a chance for more golf lovers to scramble for the qualification of world class events and shorten their distance with professional players. Meanwhile, the event has also rolled out an activity "Golf 8 km Green Walk" for the spectator, which is not only consistent with the new theme of the event, "Shenzhen International, Your Home Course", but also creates a golf feast for the public that overturns the tradition and a sports carnival participated by people of the whole city.